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As newer technology with powerful and smarter solutions emerge, the current becomes legacy. eMRP is the newest technique providing greater control for the firms looking for advanced features and control in medical record keeping. It allows you to safely archive and access legacy EMR data, and conduct real-time analysis on it. It enables longitudinal reporting across legacy and primary care systems, and inpatient and outpatient environments.

Advanced medical record keeping

Data integrity is crucial irrespective of whether a firm has a legacy or modern system. In the former system, maintaining print copies of client medical data along with physical security was an obvious requirement. In the latter system involving EHR and eMRP, digital as well as physical security is important, as the data is saved on servers. Compared to legacy systems, the modern ones are more secure and efficient, as they are HIPAA compliant and saved on secure servers.

Integrity of audit data

Data integrity is always the priority question among healthcare service providers, as it involves legal obligations and privacy agreements. Our strict adherence to standards during the transfer of audit data ensures security and efficiency of eMRP system.

Intuitive, flexible interface

In the fast-paced life, firms cannot spend weeks honing the skills of medical staff on using the new technology. User-friendly interface with options to customize as per the needs of healthcare firms ensures faster processing of data. Flow sheet view pattern enables medical staffs to understand the process flow intuitively, thus allowing a smoother transition into advanced systems.

Real time access to old and new data

Changing to a new system need not essentially mean having to deal with time consuming and tedious processes. Recalling old data stored in different EHRs such as AppXtender™, CAMM™, Kofax®, and SoftMed™, or an older version, along with newer one is faster with eMRP. However, you won’t feel the need to maintain two EHRs as eMRP is good enough with unlimited features to handle all probable processes.

Smoother transition from legacy to latest

Any new technology is always fraught with anticipations on complexity of usage and failure to perform. Archiving of data is in compliance with clinical, administrative, and legal norms, thus breaking the notions of medical data privacy breaches and data loss. Linking the existing EHR to eMRP also ensures that migrating to newer system do not lock away the older data.

Allowing data migration across sites and groups

Data migration to newer systems is a challenge due to the complexity of networks, data, and domains. eMRP breaks the barrier and allows healthcare firms to manage data transition across sites and groups.

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