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Datalife EHR

Definition of healthcare services is fast changing with the world going digital and using technology to enhance delivery of care. Aligning your medical services with the international standards is the latest challenge, and you cannot let your medical force crumble under increased responsibilities. It is high time to switch your legacy medical record keeping system to the tried and tested virtual services.

Digitize medical data

In the near future print data may no longer exist, with latest technologies working towards protecting the environment. Adapt to the future, migrate your medical records from legacy to the digital systems, and store all information such as medical history, lab reports, prescriptions, and bills as electronic health records (EHR), the digital platform. Digital technology also helps healthcare firms to retrieve data faster, save space, time, and money, and provide better care.

Medical records safer

Adopting latest technology for storing software and patient health information. With patient records securely transferred and stored, you’ll stop worrying about losing data. Excessive spending on software, expensive servers, storage media and space, and repetitive medical evaluations are all eliminated.

Access from anywhere

With medical records safely stored online, and securely and instantly accessible from anywhere, patients can avoid carrying bulky hard copies of medical records in their next visit to the doctor. Clinics and patients have more control over patient medical data, thus ensuring streamlined appointment and medical staff time management, informed medical evaluation and diagnosis, and better care.

Helping doctors save time for care

Future may see doctors abandoning writing prescriptions for online dictation facility. They may dictate patient medical information directly to scribes online, through HIPAA compliant services. Real time data recording and processing due to the sheer advantage of time should help doctors comply with international medical record standards, and spend more time on care.

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